What Makes Gruber
a Different Kind of
Home Remodel

1. Start with a Personalized Visit from the CEO

With over 30 years experience and 300+ completed renovations,
Gruber is a name you can trust. Lasting craftsmanship and full disclosure
pricing are standards we promise every client.

2. Preliminary Drawings

We start with a rough idea of what your project will cost, based on experience. Then we have our architect (or yours) prepare preliminary drawings. This step involves a modest investment (~$2K), and provides a more realistic idea of what the project will cost.

3. Construction Blueprint

With your go-ahead, the architect prepares detailed construction drawings, or blueprints. On a large project, blueprints may cost between $20-30K. They provide the basis for accurate budgeting, in addition to the detail needed to build the project.

4. Final Cost Breakdown

We use a Full Disclosure approach. You receive a “not-to-exceed” number for the total project, a line item breakdown—you’ll even know the percentage markup on the project. In short, there are no hidden costs or fees, so you can put aside worries about getting a fair and honest deal.

5. Dedicated Project Manager

Your dedicated supervisor’s only goal is to successfully complete the project to your satisfaction. You have a single point of contact to answer questions or address concerns at any phase of the project.

Our Gruber Web Project Manager—unique to Gruber—allows you to become a member of the Gruber team, along with the architect, subcontractors, and project supervisor. It also provides you and us with a convenient means of communicating, anytime, anywhere, from any internet accessible device.

Welcome  Home. Again.