What Makes Gruber
a Different Kind of
Home Remodel

1. Start with a Personalized Visit from the CEO

With over 30 years experience and 300+ completed renovations,
Gruber is a name you can trust. Lasting craftsmanship and full disclosure
pricing are standards we promise every client.

2. Preliminary Drawings

We start with a rough idea of what your project will cost, based on experience. Then we have our architect (or yours) prepare preliminary drawings. This step involves a modest investment, and provides a more realistic idea of what the project will cost.

3. Construction Blueprint

With your go-ahead, the architect prepares detailed construction drawings, or blueprints. They provide the basis for accurate budgeting, in addition to the detail needed to build the project.

4. Final Cost Breakdown

We use a Full Disclosure approach. You receive a “not-to-exceed” number for the total project, a line item breakdown—you’ll even know the percentage markup on the project. In short, there are no hidden costs or fees, so you can put aside worries about getting a fair and honest deal.

5. Dedicated Project Manager

Your dedicated supervisor’s only goal is to successfully complete the project to your satisfaction. You have a single point of contact to answer questions or address concerns at any phase of the project.

Our Gruber Web Project Manager—unique to Gruber—allows you to become a member of the Gruber team, along with the architect, subcontractors, and project supervisor. It also provides you and us with a convenient means of communicating, anytime, anywhere, from any internet accessible device.

Welcome  Home. Again.